What Holds Us Back from Change?

One of the primary obstacles for change is getting too comfortable with the way things are. We are creatures of habit, and our defenses can be difficult to break down, especially over time. Change is possible; neuroscience has shown through brain plasticity research that we do have the capacity to form new neural pathways that allow us to make changes in our way of being. Awareness is key – first we need to see that we are stuck in a problematic way of being in order to consider making a change.

How can you begin to shift things and make positive changes in your life?

We can learn ways to mindfully encourage change. It all starts with the understanding that we have the ability to make a conscious shift to do things differently. It’s about slowing down and noticing the patterns of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Awareness leads to insight.

What are you getting stuck on? Start by noticing when you’re thinking, feeling or doing the same things over and over. Track patterns and make a list of common triggers that lead to the same responses. Then begin challenging the old way of being and considering ways to change. Continually ask yourself, “Do I want to keep automatically reacting, or can I find a way to be present, pause and consciously respond?”

We can also benefit from giving up the narratives that keep us stuck. Letting go of core beliefs that hold us back (I’m not good enough, things will never be different, I’m always going to feel this way, etc.) can be terrifying, but doing so allows you to shift your way of being (I’m doing the best I can in this moment, things can be different, this feeling is temporary). Encourage openness and curiosity for the unknown, and a willingness to see what happens when you give up familiarity. With consistency, you will begin to notice that you are embracing change. Make sure to maintain this new way of being and continue to move forward in your personal growth.