Issues I Help With



Areas of Focus

Women's Health
Women experience many life changes during the reproductive years that impact one's psychological / emotional health, identity and relationships. My practice focuses on women’s health, offering support for maternal and reproductive mental health as well as the transition to parenthood. Areas of focus include:

Infertility and Reproductive Health: coping with loss and the stress of infertility, the impact of infertility on relationships, exploration of infertility treatment and family-building options, support through IUI/IVF, third-party reproduction via donor egg, sperm or embryo, gestational surrogacy, secondary infertility, egg freezing and fertility preservation, childfree decision-making.

Pregnancy and Postpartum: pregnancy emotional health, identity changes, pregnancy loss, parenthood exploration, childbirth anxiety, preterm birth, birth trauma, postpartum depression and anxiety concerns, motherhood adjustment, difficulty with newborn bonding, new mom self-care.

Parenthood Transition: relationship adjustments, navigating parenting roles, family building through donor conception or adoption, talking to kids about their origins, becoming a parent in mid-life, single parenthood, partner differences in parenting expectations.

Individual Adults
General practice areas include adjusting to life changes, understanding and reducing anxiety or depression, relationship issues, loss/grief, identity exploration, increased self-awareness / sense of self, being stuck or unable to make decisions, feeling emptiness or lack of meaning, or difficulties committing to a satisfying relationship or career.

I work with adolescents who need support navigating a time filled with uncertainty and increased social and academic pressure. I help teens work through difficult feelings and learn how to express needs, while trying to individuate and find their own way in life. I specialize in supporting teens with processing family changes through separation/divorce.

My couples counseling focus is for infertility, third-party family building decision-making, parenting donor-conceived children, and relationship adjustments during the transition to parenthood.