Infertility + Pregnancy Support Groups

Infertility + Pregnancy Support Groups

Please note: I am not currently offering group support. Please check back for future groups.

Get support. You don't have to go through reproductive or new motherhood challenges on your own. Groups provide a welcoming and nurturing environment to ground and center yourself when coping with these life stressors. Connecting with women who truly understand your experience can reduce isolation and promote healing.

Groups are offered a few times per year based on interest. The groups welcome heterosexual, lesbian and single women. We meet weekly for 4 sessions in a supportive, caring environment. I understand the emotional, medical, psychological and relational aspects of infertility and pregnancy, and I am a professional member of ASRM and RESOLVE. I also offer individual and couples counseling for infertility and family building. Please contact me for more information.

Primary Infertility Support Group
The group offers support for women experiencing fertility challenges. The group provides a safe space to share experiences; process thoughts and feelings around infertility; grieve losses; explore fertility treatment or family building alternatives; navigate others' pregnancies and what to share with friends/family; and teaches mindfulness-based coping skills for infertility related stress and IVF/IUI support. 

Pregnancy Support Group
The group offers support through the transition to a new identity of expectant parent. The group focuses on coping skills to reduce anxiety about miscarriage or something going wrong; exploration of this new identity to promote attachment to the pregnancy; decision making around prenatal screening; mindfulness skills; and encourages discussion of thoughts and feelings around pregnancy, body image, role transitions and relationship changes. 

Secondary Infertility Support Group
The group offers support for women having difficulties conceiving a second child (or more). The group focuses on expression of thoughts and feelings around secondary infertility; grieving losses; maternal identity; isolation and not fitting in with the fertile or infertile world; feeling misunderstood by others in the desire to build your family; stress reduction; exploration of ART and family building options; and the impact of secondary infertility on relationships with current children, partners and others.