Focus on Women's Health

Women experience many life changes during the reproductive years that impact one's psychological / emotional health, identity and relationships. My practice focuses on maternal and reproductive mental health and the transition to parenthood. 


Infertility and Reproductive Health

  • coping with the stress of infertility
  • impact of infertility on relationships
  • exploring infertility treatment options
  • support through IUI/IVF
  • secondary infertility
  • cancer in young women and fertility preservation
  • childfree decision-making
  • menopause transition

Pregnancy and

  • pregnancy emotional health
  • postpartum anxiety
  • postpartum depression 
  • identity changes
  • pregnancy loss
  • childbirth anxiety
  • preterm birth and birth trauma
  • new mom self-care
  • parenting transition
  • mid-life parenting

Family Building and Donor Conception

  • exploration of family building options
  • infertility grief + reproductive loss
  • third-party reproduction via donor egg, sperm, embryo or gestational surrogacy
  • grieving loss of genetic link to child
  • donor decision-making
  • talking to donor conceived children about their origins
  • creating and sharing your family story